About Us

The idea for Breacher Rustics was created how most good ideas come about, some dudes sitting around having a couple cold ones. Our idea was to combine several passions of ours: a deep love for our country and those who protect her, graphic design, and woodworking. We wanted to create a product that was made in the USA, completely designed and manufactured by us, fellow first responders, and veterans in house here in Michigan. All of our products were tested beforehand. Our apparel has been put to the test under raid vests, working out in the sun, sweating at the gym, and around bonfires to make sure they are the most comfortable thing we can provide and are going to hold up. We are in this as an adventure, an opportunity to give back and help those in need. It is far more valuable to us than a bottom line. (Make sure to see our giving back page) 



 We started this company outside of our day jobs so as you can imagine, we're constantly burning the midnight oil to provide great products for you. This in turn helps us give back. With one of us being a current law enforcement officer and the other owning a print shop, we have created a unique concept. We combined the ideas and lessons of numerous years of undercover and SWAT operations with a 3rd generation print shop being in business and family owned for over 50 years. Our partnership is based first and foremost on friendship. Through teamwork, we are able to produce every product with our own hands and know that the quality and craftsmanship will always be there, along with the passion. 

The woodworking side has been a no brainer way to give back- providing numerous custom wooden items and flags to law enforcement and military veterans, businesses, and lots of local charities. The print shop has expanded to screen printing and vehicle wraps and has currently found its niche by designing and installing vehicle graphics and wraps for multiple local and federal law enforcement agencies. 

Join us in honoring our country and those who serve it!