Wooden Coat Racks

Whether your representing first responders and our military with a thin colored line or are just a patriotic American, we have a coat rack for you! Completely customizable! If your looking to have something custom designed, just send us an email at info@breacherrustics.com

Handmade Wooden American Flag Coat Racks

Since a coat rack is one of the first things you see when you walk into someone’s home, what do you want yours to represent? Breacher Rustics offers American flag coat racks that will let everyone in your home know exactly what you stand for.

American Coat Rack Designs

The flag is a powerful symbol of the nation that so many of us love and have sacrificed our time and energy to serve. Displaying the American flag in your home is a way to show that you are a patriot and that you are proud to live in a land where we enjoy rights and freedoms for which we are so grateful.

Breacher’s wooden flags are available in either a rustic-looking, faded glory-type sepia finish or full color to showcase the red and blue. We offer a variety of designs to complement the American flag background of the coat racks. Some of the more popular ones include a stylized deer skull that serves as a symbol of your passion for hunting, the 2nd Amendment, featuring the full text of the amendment from the US Constitution, and various designs honoring the military, police, or first responders.

Completely Customizable

With many of our designs, such as the EMS and Thin Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow Line, you can personalize your coat rack by adding your name for no additional charge. If you’d like to add a custom graphic or logo to the star field area of the flag, all you need to do is email us the design, and we will have our in-house graphic designer add it in. Many folks choose to have their military unit logo or police force logo added to their American flag coat rack. Business owners sometimes add their company name to create a useful and stylish piece of art that will show that their business is run by patriots. Nearly any image you can dream up can be added to Breacher’s custom coat racks.

Quality of American Flag Coat Racks

The design of your coat rack, including the flag and all of the custom details, are carved into the wood, so you don’t have to worry about it peeling off, cracking, or fading over time. Breacher is a firm supporter of American craftsmen, and our coat racks are made by veterans of the US military and police. A portion of the purchase price goes to military and first responder organizations as well, so you can feel proud of where your money is going.