Patriotic Gifts

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Patriotic Gifts

A Custom Set of America's Favorite Lawn Game - Cornhole

Only Available at Breacher Rustics, these personalized cornhole sets do not compare to any others. Military and law enforcement veterans work hard to create these stunning gifts, and a portion of all proceeds go to support military and first responder organizations. Precise CNC machines cut the Baltic Birch wood to shape before the custom design, and a clear coat gets applied. Then the notable scoreboard gets attached. When you order, you get to choose the two colors of bags that come with these American-themed gifts. Some patriotic designs you can customize include but are not limited to a variety of American flag options, like a second amendment flag, a thin blue or red line flag, and, of course, a standard American flag. They have themes specific to each military branch and even a camo deer hunting design. Go further by putting a logo or your family name on the cornhole board! These are the perfect patriotic gifts to give.

Gear Racks as an American Gift for Your Hunter, Officer, or Military Member

Show patriotism and have an ideal place for your equipment with Breacher Rustics wall-mounted gear racks. Often valued and utilized by police officers and military members to hold their equipment, our gear racks have hooks specifically developed to carry a police vest, coat, duty belt, and sidearm. There are even concealment options! You do not need to be in the military or a law enforcement officer to use these practical gear racks. Many hunters and other people use them for many things. The handcrafted magnificence and individuality make them exquisite pieces of furniture that could even get passed down through the family. They are the ideal way to keep frequently used gear organized but ready to go. Find what gear rack speaks to you. There are many options with lots of variation. Some have hooks, some have shelves, and some have cabinets. With every combination of hooks, shelves, and cabinets combined with tons of stunning looks, you will have to check them out yourself to decide what one you want. The larger racks will be about 37 x 17 x 6 inches, while the smaller ones will be something like 11.5 x 37.5 inches. Like the cornhole boards and many of Breacher Rustics' other products, you can customize and personalize your concealment cabinet with names, logos, and other things.

What is More Patriotic Than the 2nd Amendment, Written on a Concealment Cabinet?

Gun concealment boxes from breacher rustics are undeniably a fantastic patriotic gift. The gun concealment boxes are handmade by skilled craftsmen and come in various designs you need to see for yourself. The standard themes include cabinets engraved with, Don’t Tread on Me, Come and Take It, Second Amendment, Don’t Mess with Texas, Join or Die, Deer Hunters Box, and More! You may not be able to find more American gifts. Splendid for veterans or military family members, these boxes make it easy to keep your firearms handy but discretely. They are very secure and use RFID locks to give the user quick access but keep everyone else out! Every concealment cabinet has multiple keycards and key fobs to open the RFID lock. To open the locked cabinet, position one of the keys in the precise spot over the internal locks, and the door will pop open. Each Concealment box is 15 x 10.5 x 4.25 inches, and each concealment cabinet is 37.5 x 17.5 x 6 inches. They are all filled with customizable kaizen foam that allows you to secure just what you need. Like many of Breacher Rustics' other products, you can customize and personalize your concealment cabinet! Don’t like the concealment box or cabinet? Maybe you need more space? Check out the concealment gear rack or concealment shelf gear rack.

Make Your Home American Themed with the Gift of a Solid Wooden Flag

These handmade beauties are crafted right here in the USA. With tons of design options and style variations, you can find one that fits anyone's style. From Clean and modern looks to rustic wooden looks, these are the best patriotic gifts for everyone. They have many American-themed design options, like flags with The Pledge of Allegiance, The Declaration of Independence, The Second Amendment, The Constitution, blue/red lines, all the military branches, and even a Betsy Ross version. Of course, a standard wood American flag is available too. Each wooden flag has a black frame with stars carved into the union. The size of these astonishing wooden flags is 21 x 37.5 inches. Because of the handmade nature of these flags, no two are the same. Each has its genuine differences because of the materials and craftsmanship.

Patriotic Souvenirs for the Home

With so many marvelous American gifts, it can be hard to choose between the slate coasters with badass engravings - ideal for a cold beverage of choice after a long day, and the American flag bottle opener with four different choices. The slate coasters have so many distinct options to select from; it could get troublesome to choose. Do you want the circle or square shape? Do you get the complete patriot pack or just one of the half packs? Maybe you even get the square St. Michael Protect Us coasters? So many decisions! The most popular has to be the complete patriot pack, whether square or circle - the engravings are downright patriotic. The engraved symbols include the USA Flag, Betsy Ross, Mt. Rushmore, Don’t Tread on Me, Come and Take It, Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty, and Liberty or Death. The stickers that Breacher Rustics has are the perfect American-themed gifts. But again, with so many options, it does not make it any easier to decide than the coasters. Choose between many flag variations of a punisher decal and a spartan decal! If you are looking for a patriotic souvenir that is a little more personal, check out the wood crosses. Available with a thin blue, red, or green line. They are 15 x 10.5 inches, with custom carved stars and stripes.

The Patriotic Gift of American Themed Apparel

If you have not seen the patriotic apparel from the Breacher Rustics website, you have yet to see the full lineup of the best patriotic apparel out there. So many shirts, hoodies, and hats! If you are struggling to find patriotic gifts, look no further. A few of the most popular designs are the We the People Tee, 13 Folds Tee, Second Amendment Tee, Black Breacher Rustics Hoodie, We the People Hat, and the Don’t Tread on Me Hat. There are too many options to list. Check them out to find what stands out for you.

When Should I Give a Patriotic Gift?

Many times throughout the year, or even during a specific time in someone's life, can be suitable for patriotic gifts. It makes sense for you to give American-themed presents on holidays like The Fourth of July, Birthdays, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Black Friday, and Christmas. For specific people in your life, there could be many opportunities, maybe when someone you know is joining the military or becoming a police officer. Perhaps they made a significant advancement in their military or law enforcement career or are even retiring after a long one. So many circumstances and moments present you with the appropriate opportunity to give a patriotic gift.

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